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White house's west side

White House officials have confirmed that a powdery substance found near the guest entrance of the West Wing was indeed cocaine. An investigation is currently underway to discover how the narcotic made its way into the White House.

The Washington Post was one of several large outlets covering the discovery of the substance at the White House. The substance was found this past Sunday (July 2) on the ground floor near an area where visitors are instructed to leave their cell phones according to sources speaking with the outlet.

The Secret Service is leading the investigation of the found drugs, which the outlet adds sparked officials to evacuate the building. After initial testing pointed to the substance being cocaine, a final test confirmed the findings.

President Joe Biden was away for the weekend at Camp David and did not return to the White House until Tuesday (July 4). President Biden has not made a public statement regarding the discovery.

Tours of the White House take place on evenings and weekends. As a security measure, guests are told to leave their devices in a series of small boxes prior to entering the West Wing. The cocaine was found near these small storage boxes which essentially points that the substance indeed came from a visitor and not a staff member. However, that fact has yet to be established by Secret Service officials.

Given the political tensions across the nation, some pundits have used the discovery of the drugs to connect the cocaine to President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, despite little evidence provided in the case.

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