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Ja Morant may have escaped serious punishment from the NBA, but the fallout continues from the fight at his house last year.

The star’s close friend, Davonte Pack, was at the Morant residence in 2022 when an altercation arose with 17-year-old Joshua Holloway while playing a pickup game of basketball.

Now, 24-year-old Pack has been charged with simple assault for the fight, because he allegedly joined in and threw punches of his own.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office released a statement about the charges and now has a warrant out for his arrest.

“The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office obtained a warrant for the arrest of Davonte Pack, who has been charged with simple assault about the July 2022 altercation involving Mr. Pack, Memphis Grizzlies basketball player Ja Morant, and a juvenile basketball player at Mr. Morant’s residence in Eads,” the statement reads. “The SCSO consulted with the SCDAG before obtaining the warrant.”

Pack, who Morant has referred to as “my brother” has found himself in hot water with the NBA before, and following a shouting match during a Grizzlies game against the Pacers, he was reportedly banned from attending home games for an entire year.

Morant’s attorney has recently turned the tables on the case regarding the alleged fight with Holloway, saying that Morant was defending himself when he threw a punch. His lawyers also invoked Tennessee’s self-defense immunity statute since it occurred at Morant’s home in Eads.

“Morant acted in self-defense when [Josh Holloway] intentionally struck him in the face with a basketball at Mr. Morant’s family home last July,” the motion to dismiss read. “He therefore enjoys civil immunity under the [Self-Defense Immunity] Statute.”

In a recent deposition, more was uncovered about the incident, including Ja’s father, Tee Morant, admitting that he told the teen “go at Ja” to become a better basketball player, which could have further incited the fight.

“I was telling Josh to go at Ja … act like he’s not an NBA player as far as confidence purposes,” Tee Morant said. “‘You’re going to Oak Hill. So once you get there, if you can compete against Ja at this level – once you get there, it should be easier.”

As Morant’s circle continues to be plagued by the law, here’s how Twitter reacted to his 25-game NBA suspension.

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