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As the trial of Hollywood actor Jonathan Majors approaches, the spotlight is on the allegations of assault against him in New York. The case has captivated public attention, with conflicting accounts and emerging evidence shaping the narrative. The trial will begin Aug. 3, determining the fate of the Marvel actor in a court of law and the court of public opinion. But in case you missed it, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming trial.

The Charges and Incident

In March 2023, actor Jonathan Majors faced charges, including assault, following his arrest by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. The allegations stemmed from an incident where the actor was accused of strangling a 30-year-old woman during a heated argument. The 30-year-old woman is the ex-girlfriend of Majors, Grace Jabbari. She reportedly suffered minor injuries to her head and neck.

Major’s Defense

Jonathan Majors denied the allegations, with his representatives asserting his innocence. His lawyer claimed to possess video evidence, witness testimonies and text messages from the alleged victim, all intended to support her client’s innocence. However, amidst the legal battle, two directors, A.B. Allen and Tim Nicolai, made allegations that Majors had a history of abusive behavior.

Majors’ Career

The ramifications of the allegations were swift and severe. The U.S. Army pulled an ad campaign featuring Majors, and Michael B. Jordan distanced himself by omitting Majors from film promotions. In addition, his PR firm and talent manager decided to sever ties with him at the same time and he was uninvited from the prestigious Met Gala. Multiple women came forward with their own abuse allegations, cooperating with the district attorney’s office.

Emerging Evidence and Impact

Crucial evidence emerged, such as security footage indicating the accuser appeared uninjured after the alleged incident. In April, the alleged victim was granted a full order of protection, requiring Majors to maintain a distance from her. In addition, the evidence includes videos of the alleged incident, illustrating the attack by Grace Jabbari on Majors.

Allegations of Police Bias

Jonathan Majors’ legal team made allegations of police bias, claiming that the officers present failed to investigate the alleged assault properly. The defense attorney provided video footage and witness testimonies supporting Majors’ innocence. Priya Chaudhry (Major’s lawyer) accused the NYPD of coaching Jabbari to accuse the actor of assault.


As the trial unfolds, we will keep you updated on the latest developments in Majors’ case. Stay tuned for coverage of court appearances, witness statements and significant events that could shape the outcome of this high-profile legal battle.


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