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Getting kicked off a plane- all the hot girls are doing it!

It’s happened again, a woman’s outburst gets her kicked off a commercial flight. This passenger was cussing out those around her and talking about her social media fame…

Remember just a few months ago, a woman demanded to get off a flight because another passenger ‘wasn’t real’?

The crazies have turned it up a notch.

Morgan Osman was asked to step-off an American Airline flight after cussing out the staff. It’s not known what caused the argument, but a video did capture her less-than-thrilled attitude. As she left, she noticed the person filming and pulled a ‘do you know who I am’ move.

Looking directly at the camera she says, “Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you f-cking bum.”

It tuns out Osman starred in season 5 of the reality show Bad Girls Club: Miami. We know, it’s theee Morgan Osman. (???) To give her some credit, she does have a million followers on Instagram. Her account has since been deleted, so who really knows ( or cares)?!

All we can take from this is, next time you fly bring some noise cancelling headphones.

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