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Kanye West loves to call himself a genius, and as the saying goes there’s a thin line between genius and insanity. Over the past few years it seems like Yeezy’s been leaning towards the latter, and his latest outburst serves as more proof of that theory.

According to TMZ, Kanye West let a pedicurist witness first hand what it’s like to deal with his infamous mood changes. He cut his pedicure appointment short and walked away due to a little pain he suffered at the hands of the nail technician. The incident unfolded in a hotel room where he and Ty Dolla $ign were holed up, and it was Ty who actually uploaded the video onto the internet for all to see.

TMZ reports:

Kanye’s pal, and music partner Ty Dolla $ign uploaded the funny footage Thursday showing Kanye’s interaction with the puzzled pedicurist. You see Kanye react with a quick jolt of pain before deciding the whole treatment was over … standing up and saying he wanted to stop.

The woman performing the pedicure tries to convince Kanye to let her finish, but he ain’t budging, saying “It’s my toes.” Check out the look on Ty’s face, he’s stunned by the whole interaction.

Kanye’s essentially been trekking barefoot in Europe throughout the summer — so you gotta imagine the nail tech had her work cut out for her — but Ye didn’t wanna take a chance.

Well, they are his toes and from what we know pedicures can sometimes be painful. Maybe Kanye has a regular pedicurist with the hands of a goddess who never makes his little piggies squeal or something.

Still, Kanye didn’t let a little foot pain keep him from getting back on his grind and continuing to create his upcoming album with the help of Ty Dolla $ign, who previewed their collaborative cut in the club.

Check out clips of the aforementioned incident and unreleased song below. Let us know your thoughts on Kanye’s actions and song in the comments section.

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