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Interview: Anthony Anderson Can Even Make Tissues Seem Funny

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Anthony Anderson for Charmin

Source: Charmin

Charmin is one of the go-to brands when it comes to cleanliness, especially where it matters the most. While millions of people across the globe rely on them to keep things rather consistent when it comes to the bathroom essential of toilet paper, Charmin actually decided to take a risk of sorts by switching up how you let it rip — the tissue, that is!

After almost 100 years in the toilet tissue game, Charmin is now introducing a new Smooth Tear option that you can officially add to your grocery list. Oh, and let’s just say the social team is having a lot of fun in terms of the rollout — no pun intended!


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Adding even more jokes to the equation, Hollywood comedic actor Anthony Anderson was tapped as a brand ambassador in order to help spread the news as a household name himself. As a veteran funnyman who’s told his fair share of jokes over the decades, we’re willing to bet that countless of tissues have been put to use when it came to wiping away tears of laughter while watching his many projects on film and TV. We got a chance to speak with the black-ish star about Charmin switching things up on the TP tip, and somehow got him cracking jokes about good ol’ Mama Doris’ wig falling off!

…you already know how these two like to cut up with each other on their new E! series, Trippin’ With Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris, and his story was nothing sort of side-splitting hilarity.



Watch our full interview with Anthony Anderson above as we discuss why Charmin’s new Smooth Tear tissues are what the people have been asking for, and to hear one hilarious story about Mama Doris and, as Anthony like to call them, her “hats.”




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