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As celebrity couples implode all around us, there’s still hope that someone is happy. We’re rooting for Ashanti and Nelly, crossing our fingers that Jay and B make it and that Russell and Ciara are genuinely as happy as they look.

When it comes to NFL couples, Travis Kelce shooting his successful shot has the world talking as Taylor Swift hops on one of her two planes to Kansas City to cheer on her new man. The budding celebrity super couple is providing fodder for celebrity coverage from TMZ to the Daily Mail. But in Black America, they’re just an afterthought to another celebrity NFL power couple not named Russell or Ciara.

That would be gymnastics GOAT Simone Biles and her man, Green Bay Packers safety Jonathan Owens. His hustle not only got him from the Texans practice squad to starting for the Pack, it also got him married to Simone Biles after the couple matched on dating app Raya.

Owens says he had no idea who Biles was (guess he’s not a fan of the Olympics) and we’re not sure if Biles knew who he was either, but now the athletes are married and supporting each other in their respective sports.

Biles attended the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green Bay game on Sunday, and Owens showed out when he put a massive hit on Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes that was ruled “roughing the passer” as the clock dwindled.

Then, in a previous game against the Detroit Lions, he recovered a fumble and ran it in for a 27-yard touchdown,

Biles celebrated the TD on social media saying, “THATS MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY MANS MY MANS MY MANSSSSS🥹🥹🥹🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 LFGGGGGGOOOOOOO!”

Our internet niece Simone is learning her football terms, too. By the way, Swift also attended the game to see her boyfriend, who was on the losing side as Green Bay defeated Kansas City 27-19.

But never mind them. Biles, well Simone Biles Owens, we presume, and Owens have posed cute for other pics across their social media accounts.

Here’s one from after the game that Simone captioned, “Walking into Monday victorious.”

Here’s the thing. The world can be a miserable, depressing and lonely place. But sometimes, there are signs of hope for humanity. While we don’t want to put too much pressure on these young and athletic newlyweds, we do want to thank them for cleansing our timelines.

Sorry Traylor, it’s all Simone and Jonathan for us. And we’re bound to get even more pics as the Packers are heading toward playoff relevancy, and next year, Biles will head to her third Olympic Games.

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