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A TikTok user named Reesa Teesa has internet users completely enthralled by the bizarre story of how she met her ex-husband, Legion. Throughout her 50-part video series titled “Who TF Did I Marry?” Teesa details how she met, married and then quickly divorced Legion, who turned out to be a pathological liar. According to the star, her ex-husband lied about everything including his identity, occupation and even about the house he allegedly purchased while they were married. 

“It was so many red flags that I mean you would have thought I was colorblind because I ignored all of them,” Teesa said in the first episode of her “Who TF Did I Marry?” series on Feb. 16. According to the first episode, Teesa met her husband on Facebook and Hinge, a dating site, in March 2020. At the time, Legion was using both apps under “two different names.”

“That should have been a red flag,” the TikTok user confessed.

Initially, Teesa was under the impression that Legion held a high-ranking position as a regional manager at a prominent condiment company. He claimed he was recently promoted to VP. He also claimed that he had substantial earnings from playing Arena football stashed away in an offshore account.

The pair jumped the broom in January 2021, but trouble quickly surfaced when they attempted to secure a home. Each time they settled on a property, complications arose, with deals falling through unexpectedly. Legion consistently failed to provide the necessary proof of funds, which made Teesa raise an eyebrow. 

Matters took a more serious turn when Teesa uncovered some strange details about Legion’s real identity. After she was required to perform a background check for her new job, Teesa discovered that Legion had been using a fake social security number, and upon further investigation, she discovered his real identity. The background check revealed that Legion had felony charges for trespassing and impersonating an officer. She also found out that he wasn’t the high-level executive that he claimed to be. It turns out, Legion was actually employed in a warehouse and wasn’t making the salary of a manager.

Netizens on X have been talking up a storm about Teesa’s wild “Who TF Did I Marry?” story — and they’re bracing their seats for more drama, because now, Teesa’s ex-husband — who social media sleuths have identified as Jerome JC Rome McCoy  is speaking out about her video series.

In a short clip posted to the LegionVp TikTok account on Feb. 19, McCoy accused Teesa of fabricating the entire story. He also claimed that there was a “real” reason why he left the influencer.

Check out what he had to say below. 

Social media users have taken to X to see if Reesa Teesa’s story also has them in a chokehold and we can all agree, we’re way too invested.


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