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YesJulz is currently embroiled in a public back-and-forth with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, after being fired by the Chicago producer for reportedly violating an NDA agreement. YesJulz took to social media to share her side of the story along with sharing messages between her and YZY Chief of Staff Milo Yiannopoulos.

YesJulz, real name Julieanna Goddard, took to Twitter to share the story from her side after Ye announced her firing via Instagram with a post reading, “We have decided to no longer have YesJulz involved in the roll out of Vultures. All the activity on her page and with our fans in the past few days has been unauthorized.”

Adding to this, an email from Yiannopoulos announcing the firing and the issuance of a $7.7 million fine leaked to X, formerly Twitter, which sparked a flurry of comments from the popular influencer.

All of this seemingly stemmed from a Twitter Spaces chat Ms. Goddard held with fans of Ye and threw out some ideas that would operate under the YZY banner and further the brand’s reach. It appeared to be received well but things have changed in the days since the chat.

In a tweet responding to a tweet calling her firing unjust but also understandable considering the man behind the intellectual property, YesJulz made the first of many defenses of her actions.

From X:

Ye is up against the system

Having the discussion with fans

in an open forum setting was unconventional,

but it allowed for inclusivity

& open visibility

for an entire fan base to opt in,

give feedback, be heard, connect with one another to combine efforts

Which is what i feel is needed

For Ye to stay on top for these next two runs.

I was also given specific direction

to “rally” the fans, let them each lead their own chapters, activate within their locations- etc.

This was MY way of doing so.

I am not a conventional woman

& this is why i worked at the company i worked at in the first place.

I never wanted work done for free

I wanted to help the fans present

their work to Ye

So that he could hire them

Instead of stale ass losers who dont know the slightest thing about culture

like Ben Priest & Milo Pedofilist

To build his company for him

Anyone who has ever been in contact with me for as little as 5 minutes knows

The last thing id ever need to steal,

Is an idea.

I’d actually pay to have less as the amount of ideas i have overwhelm me daily.

Refer to my February tweets about hiring fans

Listen to the space.

Its very clear who i am

and what i stand for.

Goddard then went on a leaking spree, sharing internal messages from Yiannopoulos, who had some unsavory things to say. Check out the string of messages in the tweet below.

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