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It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon and you call your friends to ask, “what’s the move?” You all are trying to find a BBQ to swing by when you realize, you’re supposed to be the ones hosting it! Congratulations, you’ve been promoted in the unofficial rank of adulting. You’re reward? A shiny new spatula and a pair of the coveted brown ‘uncle sandals.’

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Are you feeling the pressure? Not to worry, hosting can be hassle-free. Whether you want to throw a simple summer kickback or a boujie backyard soiree, a few essentials will help get the job done.

Here are our top tips for throwing successful, no fuss BBQs all summer long.

Tip #1: Collaborate with Friends

One person doesn’t have to be in charge of everything. Take some pressure off of the host by inviting friends to contribute to the festivities. Let guests choose to bring one or two items from the list of needs so all bases are covered. The legwork can also be divided evenly by having the “early friend” handle set up and the “late friend” help with clean up. This also aids in preventing the host from getting burned out by having to entertain without being able to enjoy the company.

Tip #2: Bring Entertainment

Summer gatherings are all about making great memories. So, the vibes at a BBQ are equally as important as the food. Set the atmosphere with a playlist that feels fun and keeps the energy high. Get the soul train line started with a mix of classic oldies and new music from artists like these to boost the mood. Don’t forget the board games, cards, or dominoes.These fun additions to keep the adults, teens, and kids entertained.

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Tip #3: Create a Welcoming Environment

When opening your home to guests, clean bathrooms are a must. Make sure you’re fully stocked with essentials like toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels, and antibacterial wipes. For a warm touch, keep a basket of hygiene products available for guests to freshen up. Also, having extra towels handy is ideal if there will be water activities.

Make the outside area comfortable by having enough seating for guests to lounge and fans to help beat the summer heat. Mosquitoes, flies, and bees thrive at prime BBQ hours. Deter them and other pesky bugs from disturbing the peace with citronella candles and bug spray.

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Tip #4: Refreshments for All

Unlike on staple holidays, summer BBQs are the perfect opportunity to introduce new recipes. Curate a menu with all the ideal summer foods – burgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, fruit, etc. – while adding touches of something new. Mocktails, dips, and creative desserts are great add-ins. Invite friends with food restrictions to bring dishes or alternatives to the usual selections that they can enjoy. Pro Tip: A dedicated grillmaster is a must-have. The key is choosing the friend(s) that’s timely so you’re not waiting hours for the food to be done.

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