The government ordered quarantines across the country matched with the current pandemic, feeling anxious and uncomfortable is very relatable. Since there is an increasing amount of time being spent at home, it’s important to create an environment that is not only pleasant but also enjoyable.

Just because the current state of the world is in disarray, doesn’t mean your home has to reflect the same. Your living room may be used as a dual work office right now, which is okay, as this is our new normal.  Creating an organized space that is peaceful, clean, and relaxing is the key to increasing both productivities while working from home and that relaxation feeling you’re looking for.

Here are some things to consider doing around the house.

Let in natural light.

A naturally lit room can help make you more productive by increasing your focus and mood.  Getting that vitamin D can also help reduce anxiety and stress.

Adding candles or essential oils.

Incorporating scents can making your living space much comfier. Aromatherapy promotes well-being that enhances both physical and emotional health.  So grab your favorite candle or diffuser and get some scents popping.

Removing clutter.

Having clutter in your space could a top reason you’re not feeling relaxed.  Find a day to take time to organize your home and release any unnecessary mess that could be cluttering your mind or your home.

Get some plants or flowers.

Incorporating life in your home with flowers and plants always adds a visually appealing touch.  Whether it’s real or fake, plants create a calming feel to any environment.

Create a bomb playlist.

Music can make a world of difference and now is the time to create that perfect playlist.  You can find one with some cool ambiance tunes or make the special one for yourself that puts you in a good mood.




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