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After more than two decades representing Harlem in Hip-Hop, Cam’ron’s illustrious career has seen enough drama to fill a book. So it made sense that Killa Cam’s highly anticipated interview on Nore’s Drink Champs podcast lasted more than three full hours.

Though Cam didn’t partake in any alcohol or trees during the interview, the man did not need to get saucy in order to spill the beans on just about everything anyone’s wanted to know. From explaining where things started going south with Jay-Z when he signed to Roc-A-Fella to why he doesn’t want to get back with his ex-boo, Juju, Cam lays it all out there for our consumption and more importantly, entertainment.

Here are the 15 things we learned from Cam’ron on Drink Champs.

Cam’ron says he actually wrote Lil Cease’s verse on Lil Kim’s “Crush On You.” Apparently, Lance “Un” Rivera paid Ma$e $30,000 to write 6 songs for Kim’s album and he gave Cam $5K to do Cease’s verse.

Ma$e actually brought Cam to Biggie so he could sign him to his pending record label. Unfortunately, Biggie passed away before he could sign him but Big’s partner Lance Rivera ended up fulfilling the later, great rapper’s wishes and signed Cam. Interestingly enough Cam says Ma$e originally wanted to sign with Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def label but ended up on Bad Boy Records.

For those who wondered why Ma$e wasn’t in his classic “Horse & Carriage” video, Cam confirms that Ma$e all of a sudden wanted a bag for his visual services. But that wasn’t why they fell out. Turns out that Ma$e playing hood hide and seek games with Cam where he’d tell him to meet up somewhere only to be M.I.A when Cam showed up is what caused their relationship to sour.

According to Cam, the “29C” stalker used to tape him from his terrace and slid into his DM saying she wanted to “have my Black babies.” Apparently that was enough for him to slide into her. Though things went hella left, he says they’re on good terms these days.

Whenever he performs at concerts, Cam resists from performing cuts from his debut album Confessions of Fire because he felt he didn’t get enough of the creative liberties in its making as Lance kept saying Biggie would’ve did things differently. “A lot of that Confessions of Fire album, it was clashing and I don’t really listen to that sh*t that much. A lot of people love it, but it’s not me.”

To get out of his record deal with Epic, Cam says he used to go up to the label with “40 ni**as” everyday and made the office as uncomfortable as possible. After a while Dame Dash spoke to the head of Epic and told him he might as well let Cam walk because it wasn’t going to stop until he got his freedom. He got it.

When Cam went to Roc-A-Fella he tried to sell Dame Dash on The Diplomats, but Dame fronted. So Cam ended up taking the group to Kevin Liles and Kev immediately wanted to sign Dip Set to his label. After Cam told Dame that he was taking his group to Def Jam, Dame got mad and ended up signing them to the Roc. It took them a month to get that $900K for the deal, but it got done.

Cam remembers he, Jim Jones and his man were going to jump Lawrence Fishburne at an airport because his man called him “Larry.” Lawrence doesn’t like being called Larry and though he told them aware of that, Cam’s man kept on calling him Larry and things went left. Funny enough The Matrix star admitted to one of Cam’s homies that he was a big fan of his music. Guess Larry forgot about the airport incident.

Cam says his relationship with Jay-Z began to go sour after Cam brought DJ Kay Slay up to Baseline Studios. This was after Kay Slay played Nas’ “Ether” and said it was better than Jay’s “Super Ugly” response. Jay told Cam to “be careful” who he brings up to the studio because they might get slapped up. It only got worse when Jay had an engineer erase Cam’ron’s verse on Peedi Crakk’s “One For Peedi Crakk” song. In retaliation, Cam erased Jay-Z’s verse on what would’ve been the remix to “Oh Boy!” after Jay told him “I did a little something for you in the studio.”

Even though they were basically frenemies in the mid 00’s, Cam revealed he used to roll with Jay, Dame and Memphis Bleek when Jay used to open up for Method Man in the mid 90’s. So they weren’t strangers at all. A few years later it was Method and Redman opening up for Jigga on the legendary Roc The Mic tour.

As for his tofu beef with Nas, Cam says he never wanted that smoke with Nas because “we loved Nas.” But when the Hip-Hop legend called out Cam’s music for being wack during his infamous Hot 97 tirade in the mid 00’s, he felt he had no choice but to engage.

According to Cam, he says he thinks Jay and Dame began to drift apart after Jay avoided weighing in on Cam becoming President of Roc-A-Fella. He also says Dame said Jay didn’t want to break bread with Kareem “Biggs” Burke anymore and that took it’s toll on everyone.

Cam confirms that “Dead Or Alive” was based on an actual incident where Mike Lighty fronted on paying Cam’ron his show money. After someone popped Cam’s chain trying to step up for Mike Lighty, one of Cam’s man’s pistol whipped the would-be violator and took his chain while getting Cam’s chain back.

Touching on the Juelz Santana record seemingly dissing Cam’ron, Cam says he spoke to Juelz about it and Juelz said it was supposed to be a two-part record. One where Juelz rapped his point of view of when Dipset broke up and having Cam rap about how he saw the situation. Cam declined because he felt it might confuse the fans at that point.

While many fans wanted to see Cam’ron rekindle his relationship with Love & Hip Hop’s Juju, Cam admits that her “entanglement” with Safaree showed him that she’d basically date just about anybody and he didn’t like that. “No disrespect to Safaree, but you ain’t got no type. That’s just apples and oranges, b. If you can mess with that – and I’m not dissin’ him I’m just like… that’s your type. I’m not your type no more.”

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