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A notorious criminal organization is being blamed for an attack that took place inside a restaurant Monday night.

According to authorities, gang members unleashed a bag of roaches inside the business as an act of revenge. Video of the incident, released by the Taipei Police Department, shows two men running into Taiwan’s G House Taipei restaurant and throwing insects before dashing out.

The perpetuators are believed to have been involved in a financial dispute with the restaurant owner. So far, authorities have taken four men and one woman into custody.

The G House Taipei began the process of sterilization shortly after the attack. On their Facebook page, they posted a photo of an individual spraying what appears to be pesticide on and around the affected area.

An official told members of the press that the criminal organization known as the Bamboo Union may be behind the bizarre attack. According to The South China Morning Post, the Bamboo Union is known around the world for its dealings in drug and human trafficking.


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