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There have been some heinous things happen in this world to kids — last year’s Netflix doc The Trials of Gabriel Fernández will literally leave you in chills — but no child deserves to die over enjoying a slice of cheesecake. Especially at the hands of his own father.

True Crime Daily reports that 30-year-old Travis Stackhouse of Milwaukee officially pleaded guilty this week to punching his five-year-old son, which led to the child’s death. Pronounced dead at the scene, the young victim was reported to have suffered bruising on both eyes, a cut on his lip and a laceration to his sternum according to Milwaukee Police. Here’s where you go, “WTF?!” : this whole thing happened as we mentioned earlier over a slice of Father’s Day cheesecake.

Stackhouse, his girlfriend and their five children, one being the young victim, lived together at the residence where the crime was committed. According to the police report, Stackhouse and family were gathered outside the home on June 22 for what’s we can assume was a post-Father’s Day celebration given the reason he killed the child in the first place. He then went inside and found the three oldest children eating said Father’s Day cheesecake, which led him to go into a rage and the attack the five-year-old.

Here’s how True Crime Daily breaks it all down:

Adding insult to injury, the Journal Sentinel added that Stackhouse even admitted that his blow could possibly have been more fatal than a normal strike due to his hand being heavier as a result of metal in place due to surgery. It took only two days of testimony from the state’s witnesses before Stackhouse agreed to plead guilty to second-degree reckless homicide, child abuse and child neglect.

Although this child will never truly get the justice he deserves by simply being alive, we just hope the law sees fit for his murderer to be convicted for the pain he’s caused. Stackhouse is set to be sentenced next month, where he faces up to 37 years in prison.

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