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We recently came across a report that, to be honest, had the BAW crew scratching our heads a little in confusion.

A 46-year-old Grande Prairie man was pulled over not once — not even twice! — but a whole three times before he was finally arrested. Oh, and he also pretty much clipped the arresting officer with his car after trying to pull off from the second highway stop. Peep the confusion yet?

If a man, a white man at that, can live to see his court date after nearly taking an officer’s life, why is it so hard for Black people to experience even the slightest bit of equal humanity for doing far less?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Department gave a detailed account about the incident, which states the man was initially pulled over by an officer in his  pickup truck for stunting, which is legally defined as any activity on a roadway that could distract, startle, or interfere other commuters. He was pulled over a second time for the same thing just a few blocks away, this time hitting the officer with his truck as he pulled off as mentioned above. By the third time he was finally put in cuffs, which at that point was caught on camera. He’s since been charged with assault, possession of a weapon for a purpose dangerous to the public — they found bear spray in his truck — plus two counts of stunting under the Traffic Safety Act.

Now listen, we’re not saying the man deserved to die for doing these things; our point is that we as Black people shouldn’t be losing ours!  What could 20-year-old Daunte Wright have possibly done to be killed during a traffic stop in Minnesota? Better yet, did any of you see the new body cam footage released in the case of Ronald Greene’s death at the hands of Louisiana officers?

Simply put, authorities have a really biased way of treating Black people in these situations compared to our white counterparts. All we’re asking is that the system does better.


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