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This development isn’t really shocking anyone.

Before the San Francisco 49ers drafted him, Nick Bosa wasn’t shy about being a Trump supporter. The then NFL prospect deleted all of his MAGA-related tweets days ahead of the draft. Now, we know a few erased tweets isn’t going to change his political stance, and deep down inside, he’s probably BIG MAD that the orange menace is no longer in the White House, but this story isn’t about Nick Bosa. It’s about his girlfriend, Jenna Berman.

Apparently, Bosa managed to find someone who is as hardcore MAGA as he is, and she might even be more racist than him, assuming that he is. Now Bosa hasn’t been caught out here calling Black people the n-word, but his current boo sure has. We’re not saying that’s what attracted him to her, but it could have played a part in him hooking up with Jenna Berman. A Twitter account called Resist Programming has managed to find some insanely racist tweets shared them all in a Twitter thread exposing her.

Like all racists, Berman grew up loving the culture, just not Black people, of course. She was a big fan of Hip-Hop and used it as an excuse to say the n-word. In one of the exposed tweets, she wrote, “I swear to you I’m a n**ger magnet” followed by the laughing emoji.

The thread takes us down a rabbit hole of homophobic tweets, more racist nonsense and Pro-Trump propaganda of her spewing the big lie that the election was stolen from Trump, anti-mask and vaccine rhetoric, and speaking out against Black protestors who hit the streets following the murder of George Floyd as well as disrespecting Black women on social media.

She has since deleted her account and made her Instagram page private, but the damage has already been done. The question is will Bosa hold her accountable? Will his Black teammates press him?  Those are questions that former ESPN analyst and well-known 49ers fan Jemele Hill asked.

We are very interested to see how this will play out in the league and the 49ers locker room. Is winning football games that important that you’re willing to play alongside a bigot?

You can peep more reactions to Bosa’s girlfriend being exposed as a racist in the gallery below.

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