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Too Short is handing out an apology after an interview about biracial women, conducted with rapper Saweetie, has reemerged.  The Oakland rapper appeared on TMZ to let the world know that, “The whole racial thing to me has never been a factor in my circles,” stated Too Short.


This apology comes after he confessed to Saweetie in a previous interview that “Mixed heritage women have always been my favorite.  I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a woman that wasn’t mixed.”  Also in the interview he touched on his affinity for biracial babies.  He said, “You can take the two ugliest motherf$%^&#@ from different races and make a baby, and that baby just be beautiful.”  Of course the conscious Instagram users who caught wind of this interview did not hold back on Too Short.  Some accused him of being a colorist while others called his comments ignorant and disrespectful.

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Are we surprised that the man who uses the word b*&^% so freely when rapping about women would have this opinion?  If this was the year 1989, Too Short’s comments and lack of love for pure Black women would have probably held more weight.  However, in 2021, the sisters are simply dismissing men who overlook their exotic beauty for women with European facial features and African-shaped bodies.  In other words, WE AREN’T CHECKING FOR THEM!  By now, we know where this ignorance stems from, and we’re too busy nourishing our natural hair, bossing up, and healing to be dealing with Black men who lack self-awareness.  Of course Too Short is entitled to his own opinion and is free to like whomever he pleases.  But shall we remind him that he’s not only Black, but that he came from a Black woman as well?  Those facts alone should make him view Black women as the most attractive creatures walking this planet, in my opinion.  But hey, we can’t put the entire blame on Too Short because society has socialized him against himself like it has done to many other Black folks.

Our wishes are that Too Short, as well as other unaware Black men and women, will deconstruct antiquated notions that have been embedded in our brain since slavery.  Black women and men are beautiful period, and it’s not the world that needs convincing (because the world clearly mimics everything we do), it’s us.



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