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Social media broke out into some heated discourse after a recent episode of Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

It all started after Neri, who is the wife of Drinks Champs host Noreaga, expressed her concerns about her castmate Shelah Marie’s annual “Unruly Retreat.”  Marie, who has been a longtime advocate of women’s wellness, launched the initiative through her Curvy, Curly, Conscious group as a way to create a safe space for Black women, in particular, to come together and heal over the societal struggles they often face. The event also teaches women how to practice self-love and well-being.

Neri wasn’t really feeling the fact that she wouldn’t be able to attend the event because of her Latina background. Ray J’s ex-wife Princess Love also chimed in to defend Neri, citing that because she has Black children that she too would be able to learn a few things about the plight of Black women at the retreat.

Take a look at the trio’s exchange below.

After the episode aired, Twitter and Instagram lit up with commentary about their emotional exchange. Some people expressed their support for Shelah’s decision to keep the Unruly Retreat exclusive to Black women.

One social media goer replied:

“I mean that’s her brand and if it’s a retreat for black women, why should she have to bend the rules to please other women? black women are always expected to do this. The space Princess spoke on sounds good but she can take the initiative to create that space.”

While another user commented:

Y’all lovemaking Black women the mule for everyone’s growth and healing. explained clearly why there’s a need for a protected space for Black women. Proximity to Black genitalia, and having Black children, does not grant you access to Black only space.”

Other’s slammed Shelah for allowing Princess Love, who is of half Black and Filippino descent, to attend the event and not Neri.

“@ShelahMarie invited princess to the retreat but told Neri she couldn’t come because she’s not black but princess ain’t black either she’s Philippino! I don’t like this fake spiritual chick!” wrote one person. While another user replied, “@loveandhiphop You can but it’s hypocritical to say IM ALL ABOUT WOMEN EMPOWERMENT except for CERTAIN COLORS RACE ETC. OF which you so FREELY did in public w/o remorse. #ShelahMarie.”

Shelah has since responded to the controversy. The star took to the Instagram comment section of the Neighborhood Talk’s post about the argument and she said that the Unruly Retreat was “for anyone who shares the daily lived experience of Black women.” It doesn’t look as though Shelah is bothered by the negative chatter online because the actress and singer doubled down on her decision via her Instagram stories writing, “I said what I said and I didn’t even watch the episode.”

Welp! This was a fiery debate, but it was incredible to see the women settle their differences in a respectful manner. What do you think? Is Shelah wrong for standing her ground or is Neri the bad guy here?


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