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Today (November 11) marks a special period in American culture.

Veterans Day is a moment where we all can reflect on the servicemen and women that donned military uniforms to lend their lives to protect the freedoms of a nation.

Many notable figures have gone on to make lasting impacts in society after serving. Over the years, there have been plenty of politicians, actors, and sports figures that got a jump-start on militancy, and surprisingly enough, the same can be said for key figures in Hip-Hop.

Some were on the wayward path and used the armed forces to steer them right while others stumbled onto their passion for music during their enlistment. And one particular member of the list just was having a mid-rap crisis.

No matter their reasoning, we salute them all for their contributions to the country. Here are 12 rappers who served in the military. Hit them up on Twitter and let them know that you’re thankful.

If we missed anyone, let us know in the comments section.

Additional reporting by D.L. Chandler

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Nate Dogg (United States Marine Corp)

Although he never really sung about it, Nathanial Hale’s past was more hardcore than most rappers.

MC Hammer (United States Navy)

Before he was shipping platinum albums, Petty Officer Burrell was simply on a ship.

Freddie Gibbs (United States Army)

The Gary, Indiana MC made a deal with Uncle Sam to escape the prison route.


Bambu (United States Marine Corps)

Once a Native Gunner, always a Native Gunner.


Muggsy Malone (United States Army)

From DC to Texas and back again, this rapper never let his government stamp compromise his pride.

No Malice (United States Army)

Pusha T’s big brother was used to doing push-ups before he pushed “work” on the block.

Ice-T (United States Army)

Not only has he aged gracefully, but this pioneering gangsta rapper also had four years of military service.

Mystikal (United States Army)

“Middle finger pointing, screaming f–k Iraq/If you don’t believe me, check my combat patch.” — “War Wounds


Canibus (United States Army)

Dishonorable discharge aside, Canibus showed his patriotism by enlisting in the Army while he was already famous.

Donnis (United States Air Force)

The former XXL Freshman spent his high-flying days in Japan before he launched a rap career.

Khrysis (United States Army)

Before he shot beats over to your favorite rappers from North Carolina, Khrysis shot M-16’s at the qualification range.

Shaggy (United States Marine Corp)

While practicing his aim with the Corps, Shaggy perfected his Jamaican accent to go onward to major success.

JPEGMafia (United States Air Force)

The talented rapper and producer served briefly in the Air Force, returning to Baltimore after an honorable discharge and kicking off his career.

The Marine Rapper (United States Marine Corps)

TMR spent a decade as a war correspondent before embarking upon a musical career while aligning with other rappers who served.

Mooski (United States Marine Corps)

Mooski is gearing up to drop his debut album and the Alabama native already has a smash under his belt with “Track Star” running TikTok and beyond.

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