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Cynthia Meadows

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As the owner of the luxurious A’Bliss Upscale Styling Studio, in Florida, Cynthia Meadows has served celebrity clients for over two decades — from Tasha Smith, Teyana Taylor, Tami Roman, Marlo Hampton to Claudia Jordan, she’s slayed the scalps of your fave.

During the pandemic, she re-launched her luxury textured extension line– A’Bliss Pure Luxury Hair. And she is also launching her online hair academy that teaches professionals how to level up and make six figures.

We tapped the haircare expert, who gave us low down on how to winterize our hair for the upcoming cold months.

HelloBeautiful: What’s the key to maintaining healthy hair in the winter?

Cynthia Meadows: The key to maintaining healthy hair in the winter is moisture, and I can’t stress this enough. Whether it’s a dry and itchy scalp, dandruff,  or unruly frizzy and  brittle hair –  your hair goes through a lot when cold weather sets in. Some ways to keep your hair healthy during the winter months is by getting on a hair regimen for steam treatments and deep-conditioners to replenish moisture back into the hair. Another option is  applying an overnight hair mask, this will help replenish and restore the moisture in your dry scalp. Moisture gets depleted due to temperature changes from dry heat indoors and cold air. Heated styling tools can add insult to injury because we tend to use them more during the cooler months. Heated styling tools can also add more damage as well due by overusing them more during the cooler months. Last but not least, regardless of the seasons, what you eat plays a role in your hair’s health. A well-balanced diet is the key to top notch tresses, but  you will still need an extra kick to start your hair restoration. Whatever you take in your mouth orally will affect your hair, so be sure to use supplements like iron, Vitamin A/D and C or a multivitamin. Biotin is also good to take year ‘round along with eating Omega3-fatty acid foods.

HB: What hair trends are you seeing emerge for the fall/winter?

CM: Some hair trends I see this fall are pixie cuts and bobs. Bobs are endless fall styles that never go out of season.  A lot of people are also getting chunky highlights and contoured face framing layers to make their cuts pop!

HB: What products do you recommend women with textured hair have in their beauty cabinets?

CM: Some of the products I’ve recommended for women with textured hair are good moisturizers that replenish moisture when needed like Mizani’s Coconut Soufflé. This hair moisturizer was made for every curl type, and it has light softening oils.  Another product I would recommend is edge control, us textured girls can’t live without smooth edges! One of my favorite edge controls is Edge Booster, this light control tames the kinkiest of textures. My last product I recommend is a good hair mask or deep replenishing conditioner, one of my favs is Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 Repairing Treatment. The entire line including shampoos/conditioners are also good to have in the cabinet.

HB: What techniques or processes do you do to stimulate your clients hair growth?

CM: I’ve incorporated healthy hair systems for my clients to maintain and stimulate hair growth. I’m really big on hair care regimes depending on the needs of the client. One of the things I recommend is using hair steamers for bi-weekly hair masks and deep conditioners. One of my favorite go to products to help stimulate hair growth is Curls Dynasty Hello Growth Serum made with natural ingredients along with Go and Grow Hair Gummies to stimulate your hair from the inside out.

HB: Who is your favorite celebrity client to work with and why?

CM: Teyana Taylor was my absolute favorite celebrity to work with because she allowed me to be creative and we hit it off naturally like we’ve been friends for years. We shared life stories and made more of a personal connection.

Keep up with Cynthia Meadows, here.



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