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XXL is bringing back the XXL Awards for 2022 but this time around they’ll be getting some heavyweight help in choosing the winners of the virtual trophies that many-a-rapper will no doubt be hoping to land.


Taking to their website to announce their XXL Awards in their winter issue, the Hip-Hop magazine and outlet compiled some of the game’s most established industry executives, A&Rs, marketing experts, managers, producers, DJs, publicists and even some select veteran artists to help them vote on the winners of the XXL Awards. While many will recognize the likes of DJ Clue, Just Blaze and Big Boy, other participants include the likes of OG execs like Roberta Magrini, Noah Friedman, and James Cruz.

“Celebrating hip-hop and honoring artists’ excellence the right way are just some of the reasons why the XXL Awards were brought back after initially being launched in 2013. While the XXL staff will nominate the rappers in each category, the XXL Awards Board members—all 158 of them—will vote for the winners. These board members are the people who truly know the culture and most of them have dedicated their professional lives to helping the rappers within the hip-hop community thrive. Artists selected for the board have played an active role in giving back to the younger generation of hip-hop. So, it only makes sense to offer all of these folks the opportunity to crown the winners.”

Sounds about right.

Though there won’t be an actual awards show for the event, the nominees and winners for the 12 categories will be announced on Jan. 24, 2022. Best believe social media will be weighing in on the matter come next year. Should be interesting to see how things play out.


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