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The holidays are in full force and one of the most pressured topics many couples face around this time is when they may produce grandchildren. Saturday Night Live (SNL) recently tackled the topic in a recent “holiday commercial” for HomeGoods.

The latest SNL’s Omicron-affected Dec. 18 episode features Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon, portraying two aspiring grandmothers attempting to film a special holiday-themed commercial for the home furnishing store company, HomeGoods.

The sketch showcases the women’s love for throw pillows and inspirational wall art. Yet, the item the ladies want most becomes quite obvious as the sketch progresses.

After being asked what they really want for the holidays, the two initially begin telling their families (and the camera filming the fake commercial) not to fuss over gifts or spend too much money this year. They eventually share a few of their real requests saying, “a fuzzy blanket to swaddle grandchildren,” “a cake stand with grandchildren on top,” and “a son for my son.”

The ladies take it pretty far, insinuating that their children should get the babies baking as soon as humanly possible. They are even willing to cut holes in condoms to make their grandchildren dreams come true.

This one may hit a little too close to home for some couples. Are you gifting your parents grandchildren this Christmas or avoiding the topic all together?

Watch the latest viral SNL sketch starring McKinnon and Bryant below.

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