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Ahhh, the infamous nip-slip — the fashion faux paus that occurs when your nipple just won’t stay behind its garment.  Celebrities like Janet Jackson, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez, to name a few, have all dealt with this wardrobe malfunction, and if your favorite choice of clothing is a low-cut top or wide and deep V-neck look that exposes the cleavage – then chances are you’ve dealt with a nip-slip situation here or there.

Although we’ve been taught that any wardrobe malfunction which exposes a woman’s body parts are meant to be a shameful moment.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  First of all, when a breast disobeys the fashion assignment and pops out for a little fresh air, the world is not coming to an end.  It’s a breast, and most adults know that women (and men) have them.  So instead of feeling ashamed or being embarrassed behind a nip-slip, embrace it. One way to embrace the nip-slip but still keep the nipples under wrap is by wearing nipple pasties under your garment so that you won’t be caught off guard when a nipple decides to join the party.  This way your nipple will still be covered and there won’t be any embarrassing situation to cover up.

Another way to embrace the nip-slip is to let the nipples be free. Wearing a see-through garment that exposes the nipples will definitely keep your mind off whether or not your nipple will make a debut because you’ve already revealed them.  See-through ensembles have been around for years.  Some are very sheer and leave nothing to the imagination while others feature a pattern that subtly covers the breast area just a tad bit.  If you’re not afraid to let your girls hang free, then this ensemble is right up your alley.

TRESemme at Naeem Khan NYFW SS18 - Runway

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Willingly exposing body parts is not for the faint of heart. And we understand if this isn’t most people’s mode of operation.  So, for those who still love a low-cut blouse or jacket but want to avoid the nip-slip drama, taping your boobs is your go-to option.  The one tool that most stylists carry around in their fashion first-aid kits is double sided tape.  Yup, there’s a thing called Hollywood Secrets Fashion Tape that will hold your babies in place.  Just stick the tape to your garment and stick the garment to your breast and your job is done.  And if the double tape isn’t your thing, try wearing a statement bra that you don’t mind being seen.  Wearing a sexy bra with a blazer or low-cut top will definitely guarantee that your nipples will stay hidden.

Wardrobe malfunctions happen.  This is a part of the fashion game.  So, if your goal is to avoid style mishaps, make sure you take every precaution before stepping out of the house to your event.  And if a malfunction still happens, laugh it off, fix the problem, and keep it moving.  Your nipple isn’t the first everyone has seen, and it won’t be the last!


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