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It all started with this one tweet.

Actually, it started before this tweet because this isn’t the first time rapper Yung Baby Tate had to defend herself against internet trolls. Last year, she sent Twitter in a frenzy when she defended herself against social media influencer, Ayesha Howard – the mother of rapper Lil Baby‘s eldest son – who said Tate has a “natural body with no discipline, structure, and poor eating habits in their lifestyle.” This time around, the Independent artist took to Twitter to gather a fan who said she’d be further in her career if her skin was lighter.

The fan attempted to clarify by saying that Tate is talented, but also a victim of not fitting the industry’s successful stereotype.

“U wanna know why I am (in your eyes) “not as successful” as the lightskinned ppl you think I should be more successful than? I’ve been an independent artist for the past 7 years. Not because I’m BROWN without a BBL,” she responded.

Tate continued the conversation with other fans who agreed colorism may be part of the reason she is not further along in her career.

One fan mentioned that Tate isn’t above colorism, no matter how beautiful and talented she is.

“I’m very aware that colorism is real. I have experienced it. But it’s not the reason I’m not further in my career as ppl *think* I should be. I personally think I’m in the perfect place. So I’m not gonna allow other ppl to tell me otherwise,” Tate replied.

If we allowed everyone else to tell us where they think we should be in our own personal journey, we’d be all over the place. Life is about living up to your own expectations, not everyone else’s. Tate said she thinks she’s in the perfect place, and I agree. It’s her journey, her career, and she’s exactly where she’s supposed to be. None of us are in the position to say she should be further along, especially when she is a widely successful Independent artist who just signed a major deal. Looks like she’s exactly where she should be – making music and shutting down the haters.

Heard you, Tate! We’re here to say you’re perfectly fine just as you are, but you already know that. Kudos to you for not letting the chatter discourage you from your goals. The last thing we need is another beautiful Black woman bleaching their skin to fit in – especially when they were meant to stand out.


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