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Kanye’s been trending on social media for a minute now due to various reasons including being barred from attending his daughter’s birthday party and laying out a fan in the wee hours of the morning. Looking to explain the situations that’s been making headlines for the past few weeks, Kanye sat down with Jason Lee for Hollywood Unlocked and went into detail about the things that’s had social media buzzing in the New Year.

Speaking on how Kim Kardashian might be purposely gaslighting him to his political views, Ye once again proves that not only does he have no hairs on his tongue, but he has no problem putting anyone on blast one way or another. While this isn’t as wild as his Drink Champs interview, it’s still pretty entertaining.

Here are the 8 things we learned from Ye on Hollywood Unlocked.

Talking about the day that Kim Kardashian wouldn’t let Kanye into the house, Ye says that he was upset that he couldn’t go inside but Pete Davidson was allowed to. He had his cousins talk to Kim about it because he didn’t want to argue with her.

Touching on co-parenting, Ye says he told Kim not to let North wear lipstick and hop on TikTok but apparently she ignored him and let North do it again. He felt that was a blatant way of Kim “poking” at him to antagonize him and take his power away.

As for Pete Davidson, Kanye says “How you gonna bring me to SNL and kiss the dude you dating right in front of me? And everyone think it’s cool.” He demonstrated just how much he loved Kim by revealing that apparently Ray J had the second sex tape and Ye went to retrieve it personally after talking to Wack 100. Flew out to LAX and flew back to where Kim was to personally give it back to her. He says she broke down in tears realizing just how she’s been used all over the place. Gotta wonder if Pete would’ve done the same.

Talking about the guy he allegedly punched out, Kanye said he felt that he was only asking for an autograph to make money off of it and “probably ain’t never listen to my songs.” Ye said the dude had a “real attitude” and said “What you gonna do?” So Ye apparently laid him out and told Jason Lee “that blue covid mask ain’t stop that knockout.” We totally expect this interview to be submitted as evidence in the inevitable lawsuit.

Even though he was a blatant Trump supporter, Kanye said he wanted to meet with Bernie Sanders because he shared the same ideas as him but Bernie never gave him the time of day. Interestingly enough Bernie met with Cardi B who actually comes off as more sane than Kanye.


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Once again reiterating his stance on abortion, Ye believes that Planned Parenthood was designed by Margaret Sanger and the KKK to reduce the number of Black babies born and as a result says 50% of the Black Americans who die per year come from abortions. May want to fact-check that.

Touching on the people who he’s slandered, Kanye says “I love John Legend. I love Big Sean” but feels they shouldn’t have “downed” him in public especially when he was running for President.

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Talking about rocking the red MAGA hat, Kanye says he wore it for his “freedom of opinion” and pointed out that his grandparents fought for the right to vote. He says “I fought for the right to choose who we vote on.” He does say he takes responsibility for the fact that it hurt peoples feelings.

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