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They say that women who cut their hair are about to make serious changes to themselves and the world. Judging by Summer Walker’s latest hairstyle, she’s about to shake things up a bit.

The “Still Over It” singer took to Instagram to debut a new cut that had the internet questioning her current state of mind. For fans, this is reminiscent of the infamous Britney Spears moment where she shocked the public by shaving her head in 2007. Most are confused by Walker’s latest look, but the singer made it clear that she’s had her eyes set on this style for a while.

“Legit wanted this hair style my whole life 🖤🥺👅,” she captioned her post.

Spectators on The Jasmine Brand’s Instagram rationalized the new look with potential trauma in her life.

Nappturalbella wrote, “She may be going through something so I hope she gets better.”

Rumikeni responded to the comment, “no she’s just alt and the black community see that as “weird” something “mentally wrong”. but in reality it’s y’all.”

Most people justified the new look by assuming she was in a bad place mentally, while others validated her caption. Walker always wanted this hairstyle, and she finally decided to do it. As Black people, we have to allow other Black people to exist outside of our idea of Blackness. Walker has always been a unique woman who does her own thing and stands in her authenticity. Because her seemingly gothic or alternative look doesn’t mesh with the box people put her in, its assumed she’s not well when the reality is she’s living in her truth.

Black women are not a monolith. We come in different shapes, sizes, looks, attitudes, and beliefs. Why can’t we be our unique selves without our mental health being questioned? Walker proves there is power in authenticity. Our primary purpose in this life is to stay true to ourselves, despite what the world may think. People won’t get it, but who cares?


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