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Atlanta Georgia

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It might be tough finding a nice place to settle down in the U.S. as a family, especially when there are so many factors impacting the world, from high rent prices and inflation to safety and job security. Luckily there are a few sweet nooks around the good ole U.S. of A that are still affordable and might be great for first-time parents or married couples looking to expand their family trees. These states offer great rent prices and a few of these locations are emerging into booming hubs that will provide a wealth of thriving entrepreneurial and economic opportunities for families and couples.  If you fancy warm weather or prefer the changes of the season, these four states are perfect for Black families or couples who are on a mission to find a new safe place to call home.

San Antonio, TX

Sunny and warm San Antonio, TX is becoming a popular destination for Black families and couples to settle down. There’s so much to do in the bustling city from visiting tourist attractions like the Alamo and San Antonia River Walk to the city’s family-friendly state fairs. Rent prices are extremely cheap too. According to, a one-bedroom in the big city goes for as little as $1078 a month. Looking to buy a home in the area? Business Insider notes that the median home price is $200,667. That is perfect for first-time homebuyers or families who want to purchase real estate, but who don’t want to break the bank.

Orlando, Florida

Ahh, we can just smell the Atlantic Ocean sea breeze as we speak. Orlando might be calling your name if you’re hoping to settle down somewhere nice and warm all year round. The rent is surprisingly affordable in the O-Town with a one-bedroom studio hovering on average at $1700. notes that a 2 bedroom would typically run you $2,459, which could be a bit steep for a couple with children, but if your income permits, Orlando might be the place to be. The city is already a prime destination for families with Disney World being one the largest attractions to enjoy.


Atlanta, Georgia

They don’t call it the chocolate city for anything. Atlanta is becoming a bustling tech and film for Black businessmen and women. With an estimated population of 506, 811, the number is sure to skyrocket within the next few years. You would think the home of big stars like Tyler Perry and T.I. would be super expensive, but prices in the A aren’t too bad considering the area. An average studio goes for $1291 while a one and two-bedroom apartment will cost you anywhere from $1,598 to $2,118.


Raleigh, North Carolina


Raleigh-Durham is becoming popular with its thriving tech and research industries. The place is home to some tech giants like IBM and Cisco Systems. Not to mention, it’s a hotspot for some of the best universities in colleges in the U.S. including Duke, North Carolina State, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  For renters, Raleigh-Durham could be a goldmine with the average rent price standing at $947, Business Insider notes. Looking to invest in some real estate in this thriving city? The median home price stands at $227,814.


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