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Burger King's Parent Company Restaurant Brands International Reports Strong Quarterly Earnings

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Americans across the board have been feeling the affects of inflation in 2022 with prices rising on consumer goods across the board, and now Burger King is taking steps to combat inflation at the cost of two chicken nuggets and a burger. Seriously.

MarketWatch is reporting that the OG burger franchise will not only be reducing the amount of chicken nuggets you get in an order, but is even taking it’s popular burger, The Whopper off the value menu as inflation has caused the cost of beef is up 33% than it was last year. Burger King franchisor Carrols Restaurant Group made the announcement with it’s Chief Executive, Daniel According breaking the news to the world.

“Recent actions in this regard from our franchisor[s] include lifting price caps on value menu items and reducing the number of nuggets [in] meals from 10 pieces to 8. The Whopper, the brand’s most popular product by a wide margin, has also been removed as a core discount item and is no longer available in the two-for-six or two-for-five promotions.”

But that’s not all. The franchisor is also facing a labor inflation with the company raising hourly wages 14% on a yearly basis while dealing with the current rise in food prices also played a role in the decision “as it tried to maintain open hours from 6am to 11pm while competing to hire and retain workers.”

It’s just been a struggle all around these past few years.

While this move doesn’t seem to be a permanent one, it will be going into effect for at least the next couple of months with eyes on the end of 2022 before things get back to semi-normal as they’ll “also intend to continue to move pricing to partially offset inflation to the extent possible without impacting traffic.”

Looks like the ball is now in McDonald’s court. Will they follow suit or will they go all out and somehow pounce on Burger King in this decades long burger wars? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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