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Is 50 Cent really going to leave Starz and take all his hit shows with him this time? Or is he once again trolling?

The G-Unit general and social media troll is fed up with the television home of his “drug dealing cinematic universe,” better known as the Power Universe, and is allegedly leaving. Taking to Instagram, the Queens rapper shared a gif of a man packing a suitcase voice his displeasure with Starz for renewing High Town, but not Power Book IV: Force, despite it being the highest-rated show on the network.

“This is me packing my stuff, STARZ 😵🍆Sucks, my deal is up over here I’m out,” the “Wanksta” rapper writes. “They Renewed High town and FORCE is the highest rated show they have it sitting in limbo. If I told you how much dumb sh*t I deal with over here. you would think they all went to school on a small yellow bus.”

Fif wasn’t done either. He dropped another post featuring a photo of two suitcases at an airport writing in the caption, “Hold my calls i’m traveling, 🏃‍♂️💨getting the fvck away from STARZ.”

In another post directed towards Anil Kurian, Head of Development at G-Unit Film and Television he wrote, “nil get your fvcking bag’s in the car now, we are out of here, take that fvcking sign off the door no more G-unit film and television over here.”

In another post, he told Josh Bramer, Director of Development at G-Unit Film & Television and presumably Power Book II: Ghost star, Michael Rainey Jr., to pack their bags because he’s out.

It seems like 50 Cent and Starz go through this back and forth every few months. Well, it’s usually one-sided because the network never responds. It honestly feels like the rapper is trying to secure another payday, which is his way of negotiating a new contract. Starz really doesn’t want its highest-rated shows to leave the network, nor would it allow that to happen, we think.

Photo: Jamie McCarthy / Getty

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