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Dr. Ian Smith is back with The Morning Hustle as we speak with him on the latest Covid-19 updates. The official number of infections may be the decline but Dr. Ian is advising everyone to stay diligent and protected.


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Source: Ian Smith / Dr. Ian Smith

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Headkrack: We beat COVID, There’s no more COVID Right? (Sarcastically)

Dr. Ian Smith: We haven’t beat COVID. COVID is in a big decline right now across the country. The caseloads are really down. Hospitalizations, deaths are down. However, this is a critical period, we’ve been here before. I know that a lot of the mask mandates have been lifted across the country all kinds of things have eased up which is great but COVID is still out there, and people can still get infected and so we have to be careful.

Che Mack: Is this something that lays dormant, or do you think it will just go away completely?

Dr. Ian Smith: Well, what couple things will happen. One is that if you the numbers go low enough, the number of people who are positive, who are carrying the virus, if that number is low enough. That means that there’s less chance of there being a widespread infections, and for the numbers to crop back up. And so we can get to that point but people have to understand we can also do the opposite thing. If enough people get infected or a new variant comes, that’s not well protected, we’re back to another spike.

Lore’l:  So I did want to ask Doctor Ian Smith, is there any updates on that COVID pill that they were talking about that if you are infected that you could take this pill or whatever the case? I know President Biden was talking about it by the day.

Dr. Ian Smith: Yes. So the manufacturer is saying that the results are promising. The studies are not done. You know, medications like this take a while to go through enough studies to be able to make claims about whether or not it’s effective or ineffective but it is promising, but it’s definitely not there yet. The last I heard is they’re still trying to finish some of the clinical trials but that’s promising. I mean, jeez, if you could have something that at least will diminish the symptoms of COVID or in some way help, that would be good news but we’re just not there yet. People still need to get vaccinated, though. Let me just remind people that people are still getting infected, but they’re not dying as much because people who are getting infected are vaccinated and the vaccine will stop you from dying, so please, it’s not too late to get vaccinated.





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