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Lori Harvey recently joined ONE/SIZE Beauty Founder Patrick Starrr for a glam-filled YouTube collaboration to chat all things beauty and skincare, launching her first skincare line, SKN by LH, and of course, dish on her beau Michael B. Jordan.

During the interview, the model and entrepreneur opened up about her struggles with rosacea, a skin condition. “Vitamin C serum is my best friend,” the 24-year-old explained in the YouTube video. “I have a skin condition called Rosacea which makes your skin super red so I wanted to create a product that is brightening, clarifying and calming.”

She also shared the importance of collaborating with dermatologists when building her skin empire, explaining that “It’s really important to have professionals in the health and beauty space – doctors, dermatologists, aestheticians – to test out products for credibility and safety. That way you know it’s not just my skin that is suited for the product, but it works on the professionals as well as my friends and family, too! They tried it and all loved it.”

But when it came to launching her new skincare line, SKN by LH, Harvey explained that the entire process was tricky, but it was her mentors who helped her get through the tough times. “The process was tricky, especially because we launched right when the pandemic hit and it was just myself and three other people,” she explained. “But my mentors really helped me get started by walking me through their mistakes and passing on their connections whether it’s connecting me with manufacturers they know or someone else that can help give me advice on getting my company started.”

And with such a busy schedule, the social media influencer shared how she finds her “me” time, citing working out as something extremely important to her. “Working out is really important for me. It’s my “me” time and something where I’m doing something that benefits me in the long-run. If he (Michael B. Jordan) has time, we’ll workout together, but our schedules are always so insane. We had a period where we’d workout together. When I started pilates, he was like, ‘Mm-okay that little workout you’re doing is not that serious.’ And then he came with me and had so much respect for it after that. He was like, ‘Ok this is different. I feel muscles that I’ve never used before.’ And like – he’s muscular! He works out!”

Check out the full interview below.

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