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The Nineteen

This Juneteenth Radio One Dallas will celebrate 19 remarkable individuals who have made an impact on Dallas/ Ft. Worth black community through business leadership, community outreach or dedication to evolving the culture. Tune in each day leading up to Juneteenth as we tell their story and shine a light on their amazing efforts in serving community.


Day 3 of “The Nineteen” we introduce to you Mr. Richard Miles of Miles of Freedom, a non-profit organization residing in South Dallas.  Mr. Miles assists individuals returning home from prison by helping them obtain identification, enroll in college and secure housing. The group also provides computer and career training, financial literacy programs and job placement.

Miles was a teenager when he was arrested and accused of murder. At 20, he was wrongly sentenced to 60 years and spent the next 15 years behind bars.

Richard Miles

Source: Ion Digital / Online Editor: Reagan Elam

He was released at 34 and found it difficult to adapt to a society that changed since leaving as a young adult.

Turning his struggle into a testimony, Miles became determined to get himself on the right track! Obtaining a job, home, and family life after such hard times.

Miles was fully exonerated in February 2012.  He made the decision to use a portion of the money he received from the state to provide comprehensive reentry services for people and families affected by incarceration.

Today, Miles of Freedom Lawn Care Service provides temporary employment for men and women in the program. Miles also offers a shuttle service that takes family members to see their loved ones who are incarcerated.

His passion and dedication to serve South Dallas community over the years is praiseworthy!

Want to get involved? Check out the Miles of Freedom website and see how to help.

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