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Young Moose, a rapper out of Baltimore, found himself the victim of a corrupt city officer who derailed his career. Now, the city will have to pay $300,000 in settlement fees, a portion of a seven-figure lawsuit.

Young Moose Gets Justice

As seen in The Baltimore Sun, Young Moose, real name Kevron Evans, was arrested by Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force outside a city bar in 2012. Evans said then that after he was searched that former Detective Daniel Hersl planted drugs on his person, leading to three felony charges. On advice from his lawyer, Evans took a plea deal. The conviction was vacated in 2020 by Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby after a review.

Evans filed a complaint against the city in 2021 seeking $1.5 million in damages against the entire task force. The settlement was cleared by the city on June 1.

“No amount of money will ever compensate Mr. Evans for what he’s been through,” said Mandy Miliman, Evans’ attorney. “[S]itting in jail for years, having to hire lawyers, having to fight for his reputation, which he fought so hard to earn, and not being believed by anyone that he’s innocent.”

Mayor Brandon Scott issued a statement in the wake of the Board of Estimates clearing the settlement fee.

“For those that have a creeping in their heads that this is what we need to go back to, this is why we can’t,” Scott said. “Innocent people have been done wrong, and the city is paying millions and millions and millions of dollars because of actions from folks who took things too far and took things into a criminal enterprise of their own.”

Nine other officers were named in Evans’ lawsuit, with their names cleared per the settlement. Hersl is currently serving an 18-year prison sentence after being convicted in 2018 on racketeering charges.

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