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Mount Gay Rum Summer Taste Essentials Kit

Source: Mount Gay / Mount Gay

Mount Gay, owning the distinction at the world’s oldest running rum distillery, has several expressions made for both sipping and mixing into glorious concoctions. Via a new limited-edition offering, the brand is introducing its “Summer Taste Essentials” cocktail kit for summertime cocktail fans.


Mount Gay Rum is by far one of the standout brands in the category, with its entry-level and premium expressions all having their place on one’s bar shelf or adult beverage program. Partnering with Chef and media star Richard Blais, the “Summer Taste Essentials” kit is on sale now via Cocktail Courier for just a short while longer.

Using the hearty Black Barrell expression, the kit is equipped with all the tools and fixings to create a number of cocktails along with food pairings, but a highlight is the Goold Old Pine, essentially a remix of the classic Old Fashioned using Black Barrell. We’ll share the recipe below.

“Our Mount Gay Black Barrel expression is a wonderfully versatile rum to feature on your home bar,” noted Trudiann Branker, Master Blender at Mount Gay, in a statement. “Robust and bold, Black Barrel is beautiful on its own and incredible in craft cocktails, showcasing its rich and full-bodied notes.”

“Working with Mount Gay to encourage others to explore and savor the flavors of the season is something I am really excited to be a part of,” added ‘Next Level Chef’ and TV personality Richard Blais. “With boundless ways to interpret taste, the kit provides cocktail enthusiasts with a way to experience the essence of summer and pairing refreshing cocktails with savory summer grilling staples is the perfect way to discover new flavor combinations.”

The “Summer Taste Essentials” cocktail kit will be available until July 15, and includes a cedar grilling plank, seasonings, and more to become the ultimate summertime kickback host, or just showing off for yourself in the comfort of your abode.

Find the “Mount Gay Rum Summer Taste Essentials” cocktail kit at The price is $112.99 and includes a bottle of Black Barrell.

The recipe for the Goold Old Pine can be found by clicking here.

Visit Mount Gay’s website for more information on the brand, recipes, expressions, and more.

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