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Is caffeine really bad for you? Can caffeine make up for lost sleep? Is there really no caffeine in decaf coffee? Will drinking coffee stunt your growth? Is caffeine in soda less than caffeine in coffee? 

Coffee and Caffeine have been around for centuries so over time there are many myths and truths that have been discovered from this cup of joe. In the video below, Gastroenterologists Dr. Sophie Balzora and Dr. Ugo Iroku will debunk 13 myths about caffeine. They explain what decaf really means, how much caffeine is too much, and if caffeine affects your heart.

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Dr. Balzora is an assistant professor of medicine and a practicing gastroenterologist at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. Dr. Iroku is a gastroenterologist at Mount Sinai Hospital and New York Gastroenterology Associates. Watch the full video as these two Black doctors answers all the questions above plus ways caffeine can actually be beneficial to your health.



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