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Lizzo In Concert - Detroit, MI

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Lizzo’s journey to a healthier lifestyle is inspiring. She proves that you can be big, make healthy choices for your body, and indulge every now and then. The Detroit native is currently on tour, and during an interview with SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up, she reveals that she is no longer chugging tequila on stage during her shows.

In the clip with hosts Nicole Ryan and Ryan Sampson, the About Damn Time singer admits she downed tequila like water while performing on stage.

Ryan asks, “You were just saying to us a little bit ago that this is the healthiest tour you’ve ever been on, that normally you are drinking tequila, you haven’t drank in a minute.”

I literally would chuck people at one point was like, ‘Is that water?’ No, I was chugging tequila on stage during Good As Hell. Like every night it was lit. And me and my DJ Sophia, we would do like two shots backstage before going on stage. And I didn’t have a vocal coach back then cuz I was very much like rapid rap, rap life. And then once I started singing a little bit more, I got a vocal coach. So now I do like three vocal warmups before I get to the stage. There’s humidifiers in my room, I have a massage, I’m meditating, I’m doing cold plunges. Immediately after the show I’m stretching. I have quiet time. I’m like, who am I? I used to turn up, but this is, This is turning up too. Turning up for health,” Lizzo replies.

You know what I call that? Growth! The Grammy and Emmy-Award-winning artist has become the target of unwarranted scrutiny regarding her size, despite her normal and very healthy lifestyle. Lizzo documents her workout routines, cleanses, and affirmations via her Instagram page. No matter how much she proves that big women are healthy too, there’s still some loser in the back throwing stones.



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