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Pro athletes getting arrested is nothing new, but some people having a rap sheet would surprise you.

One of those guys is likely Klay Thompson. Unfortunately, it turns out the quiet jokester known for posting funny videos on his boat and hilarious post-game press conferences isn’t immune to finding himself in sticky situations with the law.

Back in 2011, when Thompson was a member of the Washington State Cougars, his GMC Envoy was pulled over near campus and cited for marijuana possession around 11 pm. The situation occurred hours after the Cougars beat USC 85-77, and Thompson notched 22 points.

He was pulled over after an officer smelled marijuana, but the sharpshooter continued to deny it even though the officer eventually found 1.95 grams in his possession.

Thompson finally spoke about the police encounter when asked about his most memorable college experience on the All The Smoke podcast hosted by Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes.

“I’ve got a nice little sac [of marijuana] on me… it’s gonna be a decent night. Play ‘Rock Band’ & just chill out. And in the car, I see these flashing lights, and I’m like. ‘No way, what’s going on?’ Literally right when I get in my driveway,” the 32-year-old says. “And I’m like ‘Ohhh’. And they’re like, ‘Sir, you have a broken taillight and we smell marijuana. Can you get out the car?’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t you need a warrant for that?’ And they’re like, ‘We can get one.’ And I’m like, ‘Whatever man, just search the car.

The four-time NBA champion goes on to explain that it thankfully didn’t end with him actually getting booked.

“I’m upset, and they put me in cuffs. I’m like, ‘For a bag of weed?’ They put me in the back of the car, but they didn’t take me downtown… They put me in the back and I’m like, ‘God, my parents are gonna be so upset. They’re gonna be so disappointed. Gosh.’”

Watch the funny story above and check out the entire episode below.

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