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Okay, fair warning… if you are easily grossed out, I suggest that you stop reading now.

A report from WCNC Charlotte explains that technology repair companies have seen an increase in demand for gaming console repairs since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Tech repair leader UBreakiFix by Asurion saw that demand for these repairs has increased by 20%. While some repairs are the usual “wear-and-tear,” spokesperson Lynsey Thomas-Twyman says that repair shops have seen an increase of repairs due to overheating. And what exactly is causing the overheating?

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Here’s the culprit (hence the aforementioned “grossed out” warning):

Close-Up Of Dead Cockroach on White Backround

Source: Supachai Panyaviwat / Getty

That’s right! There’s a growing number of overheating repairs due to cockroach infestations. Thomas-Twyman explains, “When that fan runs when you’re playing a game, the gaming console gets warm. And roaches love warm, dark spaces.”

To say that it’s shocking to customers would be an understatement: “We get a lot of, ‘Oh! But I keep my house so clean!’ I understand that,” he said. “But usually, when you put your gaming console somewhere, you’re not thinking of cleaning that or around that space a lot.”

Thomas-Twyman added that he has seen some very bad cases. “I’ve seen in the past, somebody took the top off and it was literally just covered [with roaches],” he recalls. “With stuff like that, I wouldn’t say, it’s not repairable. I just choose not to repair that. Everybody has their limits. We all have our limits.”

He says the best way to help prevent this from happening is to keep your console in a well-ventilated area above the ground. That is unless you have a few extra hundred to buy a brand-new console. Also, a cleaning from UBreakiFix by Asurion costs about $99… which, compared to shelling out about $800 for a PS5, is not bad at all.

Now, if you would excuse me, I shall proceed to douse my laptop with Raid… Okay, not really.


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