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Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Continues In Kenosha, WI

Kyle Rittenhouse testifies during his trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse on November 10, 2021, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. | Source: Pool / Getty

In the latest evidence that Kyle Rittenhouse is desperate for cash, the Kenosha killer is trying to get some of that good old Black Friday money by pushing a Thanksgiving-themed video game that incites gun violence against  media organizations that he says is pushing “fake news.”

A new video surfaced on Thanksgiving Day showing Rittenhouse alongside a video game developer encouraging viewers to buy the “Kyle Rittenhouse’s Turkey Shoot” game because of “how these fake news turkeys operated.”

Rittenhouse — who, of course, was acquitted of homicide last year after he killed two people and injured a third at a racial justice protest in 2020 — appears alongside a person identified in subtitles as Mint Chip, the CEO of Mint Studios, the gaming company purportedly developing the video game.

“When I saw how these fake news turkeys operated, I had to start coding immediately,” Chip is shown saying in the brief video as Rittenhouse looks at him admiringly. “Gamers will get to play as Kyle Rittenhouse using a highly specialized laser gun to strike down any turkey that spreads lies, propaganda, or liberal bias.”

Chip adds: “Everyone will see what Kyle has to go through each and every day.”

The Twitter bio of Mint Studios invites users to click on a link to “Pre-order the official Kyle Rittenhouse game now.”

A visit to the website selling the game shows anyone can play it online for $3.50 (“tree fiddy”).

It’s unclear how much interest, let alone money, the video game is generating. However, a visit to Mint Studios’ YouTube page that originally posted a fuller version of the clip floating around on social media shows a little more than 500 people have viewed the footage since it was posted on Thursday.

The first comment under the video on the YouTube page largely reflected the sentiment of others who took the time to leave a note: “Going from murdering people to murdering games. Oh damn, did I say that out loud? I hope I dont get sued.”

Rittenhouse has been begging for money for a while now

It was only last month when Rittenhouse debuted his own YouTube channel devoted to all-things guns in an avowed demonstration of his devotion to the Second Amendment.

The same underage person who illegally transported an assault rifle from his home in Illinois to Wisconsin following racial justice protests stemming from the police shooting of a Black man in the back multiple times is now a YouTuber glorifying guns in hopes he can make a cheap buck from the deplorable endeavor.

A video posted at the time showed a brief clip of Rittenhouse thanking people for watching his YouTube channel.

“I have some great content that I look forward to making for you guys,” Rittenhouse, now 19, is shown saying while sitting in front of apparent assault rifles and thanking Brandon Herrera, who was sitting next to him. For the uninitiated, Herrera describes himself as a “Pro-2A Absolutist” and boasts an Instagram account replete with photos and videos of — yep, you guessed it — guns galore.

The first video posted to Rittenhouse’s YouTube page was simply entitled, “Welcome to my channel.”

However, as of Friday morning, in an indication that the apparent grift had proven to be unfruitful, that video had been removed and there was no content available for viewing.

On to the next hustle

If the video game thing doesn’t work out for Rittenhouse, chances are he’ll move on to the next cheap money grab.

After all, before his YouTube page and before his video game, Rittenhouse started an online fundraising effort (on a digital platform not named GoFundMe, which forbids raising money for people like Rittenhouse) to help bankroll his legal plight.

“I was found innocent, but the fight hasn’t stopped. I am currently being attacked via a civil lawsuit in Wisconsin,” Rittenhouse captioned a tweet on Sept. 19 that included a link to his GiveSendGo account. “I’d like to thank everyone for the ongoing support. Thank you to my dear friends who set this up for me, we won’t stop fighting!”

Back when NewsOne covered that madness, his crowdfunding had barely attracted any donations. More than two full months later, Rittenhouse’s goal of $150,000 had only garnered less than $17,000 as of Friday morning.

This is America.


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