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Shamika Sanders Mayvenn HD Lace Wig

Source: @shamika_sanders / @Shamika_Sanders

Whoever said, you feel good when you look good told no lies. I was overdue for a self-care day — the kind of pampering when you go get your nails, feet, and hair done. Having a newborn at home isn’t necessarily conducive to long acrylics and a high-maintenance wig install or at least, that’s what they want you to think. I was suffering from postpartum depression and homework from my therapist included doing something that made me feel good. And with my partner’s birthday on the horizon, I decided to turn it up and treat myself to looking good while indulging in a much-needed sexy night out on the town.

Mayvenn HD Lace Wig

I don’t glue my wigs down often. To be transparent, glued installs don’t last long and when you’re on my budget, I’m trying to get all the bang for my buck when I drop a couple of hundred of dollars on a wig or weave. But every now and then, I enjoy a melted install that makes me feel like long strands are streaming straight from my scalp. I booked an appointment with a local stylist, Naira West, whose IG page made me a believer — and waited for my Mayvenn HD Brazilian Loose Wave Wig in 24″ to arrive.

I typically wear Mayvenn’s ready-to-wear collection because it really lives up to its name. I don’t have to do much plucking, cutting, or gluing. But this time around, Naira required HB lace to achieve the optimal look. HD lace is more seamless, easier to bleach, and blends well. I opted for the lace frontal instead of the 4×4 or 5×5 closure because I would have more surface area to play around with the part of my hair.

Shamika Sanders Mayvenn HD Lace Wig

Source: @shamika_sanders / @Shamika_Sanders

I was hyped by the time my appointment came around with Naira. She took my wig and transformed it before my eyes. She complimented the wave pattern and texture of the hair. After the impossible task of choosing between a middle or side part, I realized with this install method, I can actually rock both. So I opted for a side part with baby hair.

I came to my appointment braided and washed so she began prep by first gluing down my wig cap to protect my edges and create a colored foundation that would be the base of the install. After bleaching the knots, adding foundation, and plucking a natural hairline, she glued down the wig and set it. It wasn’t long before she parted through the hair and revealed the final product, which looked like this:

Sis, I couldn’t stay out of the mirror. The HD lace wig carries a price tag of $379.99. Mayvenn offers Zip payments, so you have the option of paying it in four installments. 


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