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Jerry Jones was under fire (by some) after a photo surfaced of the Dallas Cowboys owner, then a 14-year-old kid among a group of White people during a desegregation rally at his high school in 1957. A group within the group was attempting to keep a number of Black students from entering the school. Jones told reporters “That was 65 years ago, I had no idea when I walked up there what I was doing, just a reminder to me how to improve and do things the right way.


Jerry Jones’ response was deemed unfavorable by some, including journalist and TV show host Jemele Hill. Hill made an appearance on the Amanda Seales show to talk about a number of topics, including Jones’ less than accountable response.





Hill told Amanda and DJ Nailz “Jerry Jones’s response to the photo was terrible. And that to me is what got him in this position of criticism because it’s not like he said, “Hey, while it was a different time, you know, it was a bad look. I shouldn’t have been there. I recognize in the moment I failed.”

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