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EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Best Man: The Final Chapters’ Co-Showrunner Dayna Lynne North Talks About ‘The Best Man’s’ Influence On ‘Insecure’

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When it comes to television and movies, writers and directors always look to past classics for inspiration to help create new ones. That continues to be the case with Malcolm D. Lee’s The Best Man film franchise.

Malcolm D. Lee decided to blow the dust off the franchise and continue the story that we all thought ended with 2013’s The Best Man Holiday.

Feeling that he had way more story to tell, Lee turned the film into an eight-episode series instead of opting to make two more movies.

So it made perfect sense he brought on Dayna Lynne North as a co-showrunner and executive producer because she has plenty of experience in that department.

Dayna Lynne North Talks 'The Best Man's Influence On 'Insecure'

Source: Peacock / Peacock

North has written for shows like Veronica Mars and most recently, the hit HBO dramedy Insecure, which gracefully bowed out after five successful seasons.

North Reveals The Best Man & Other Black Movies Were Used As References

Speaking exclusively with CASSIUSLife, we asked North if The Best Man inspired her writing when working on Insecure, and she revealed the romance drama and other popular ’90s Black films inspired pens in writing rooms she has been in.

“On Insecure, we always had this great love and reverence for the iconic ’90s Black films. So in the room, we used to joke about them, or we would reference the iconic moments of them,” North begins. And as you may recall, there would be moments on screen for sure where we might reference Love and Basketball, or we might write some little inside joke that might refer to a Waiting to Exhale moment.

So definitely, those, in a way, they were almost metaphorical posters on the wall in our writer’s room in a way, you know what I’m saying? We recognize that to me, something like Insecure, whether it was ’90s television and ’90s Black films, I think Insecure, those were all our aunties and uncles in a sense.”

The Best Man: The Final Chapters

Source: Peacock / The Best Man: The Final Chapters

North continues, “Yeah, and so we always were just both mindful of them and appreciative of them and would reference them, for sure. In dialogue, there’d be little Easter eggs. So there’s no question that Insecure, again, came up under, I would say, under the loving care of, I mean, those films influenced us, and those TV shows, there’s no question that they did, yeah. For sure, we talked about them a lot.”

The Best Man: The Final Chapters is streaming now on Peacock. 


Photo: Peacock / The Best Man: The Final Chapters

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