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Though mother-daughter country duo O.N.E. are creating a name for themselves in country music, they were already connected in the business. Thanks to their connection to Wu-Tang Clan’s leading man RZA, these two are forging a unique and legendary path in country music. Read more and listen to our favorite O.N.E. single “Guilty” inside.

O.N.E. consists of Tekitha Washington, who was the in-house female vocalists for pioneering rap group Wu-Tang Clan during most of the late ‘90s and early 2000s, and Prana Supreme Diggs, who is the daughter Washington shares with RZA.

The group spoke to Taste of Country on the 2022 CMA Awards carpet, disclosing how they landed in country music and discussing how the genre grants them more freedom in their new career as a duo act.

“I think my background with Wu-Tang Clan and within hip hop music allows me a different vantage point of how I’m approaching all music genres,” Washington shared.

Washington has 25 years of experience in the music industry. She has been able to gain knowledge on the innerworkings of the business while taking a fresh approach on country music.

“It also, I think, kind of gives us this foundation of no fear,” Washington adds. “A lot of freedom in how we approach the music, but we’re not locked into anything. We appreciate country and appreciate the genre, but we also are not afraid to give it some of us: The essence of who we are.”

She notes that hip hop has influenced their approach in their new country career, saying, “I think hip hop music is a fearless genre of music itself, and is something that we are proud to represent here, in a country space.”

O.N.E. is currently hard at work on their debut album, which they noted will include some of country’s signature musical elements like the Mandolin, pedal steel guitar and fiddle.

Diggs reveals the fiddle is her, “Mom’s favorite, hands down.”

“So we love to experiment, try new things,” Diggs continues. “And we were fortunate enough to work with songwriters and producers that also are open to experimenting within the country space.”

Their connection to one of the most groundbreaking groups in hip hop history definitely came handy when choosing legendary collaborators. O.N.E. has worked with some of Nashville’s top producers, including Brett Maher, who produced four songs on O.N.E.’s upcoming album, and Nash Overstreet, who is the son of Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Paul Overstreet. Songwriters Hall of Famer John Bettis is a co-writer on the album and Shane Stevens, who has worked with Carrie Underwood, Lady A and Walker Hayes.

Washington reveals what fans can expect from their album, promising, “You’re gonna get country, but you’re gonna get this bright, fresh take on country. That’s what Prana and I are bringing to the table.”

“It’s definitely country and it’s definitely genre-bending,” Diggs agrees. “We’re hoping that people listen to that album, and they’ll walk away with an expanded definition of what country is.”

Fans can anticipate new music this Spring, which would be the first release since their O.N.E. Very Merry Christmas three-song EP debuted last year. In 2021, they first gifted fans with a few classic country singles like their murder ballad, “Guilty.”

Check out the video for O.N.E.’s “Guilty”  below:

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