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Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four

Source: Harry How / Getty / Draymond Green

The Golden State Warriors were locked in a heated battle with the Los Angeles Lakers, but that didn’t stop Draymond Green from coming to the defense of Anthony Davis.

Before the Los Angeles Lakers sent the Golden State Warriors packing in Game 6, an incident happened during Game 5. Anthony Davis suffered a scary head injury when he caught an elbow to the temple from Kevon Looney in the fourth quarter that knocked Davis out of the game.

Davis would not return and undergo concussion protocol testing, with reports of the Laker all-star having to be put in a wheelchair because his equilibrium was off and he was dizzy NBA on TNT sideline reporter Chris B. Haynes reported that night.

The news of Davis’ head injury and how he was handled after suffering it garnered laughter from Shaq and Charles Barkley while Ernie Johnson looked on in befuddlement.

The next day, Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams laughed at Anthony Davis while discussing the moment on a Thursday episode of First Take. Brian Windhorst was also a part of the conversation, but you can clearly see he was uncomfortable with Smith’s take.

After receiving criticism, Smith would offer an apology via Twitter. Shaq also claimed he was not making fun of Davis, saying, “I ain’t making fun of nobody; that’s not what I do. But I do know you’re not going to stop me from playing in that Game 6.”

Draymond Green Was Not Feeling The Immature Behavior

Still, one of the league’s most vocal players, Draymond Green, called out people like Stephen A. Smith, Shaq, and Charles Barkley for laughing at Anthony Davis on his Draymond Green Podcast.

Per The Volume Sports:

“We all heard the news about (Davis). Also recently just heard that he’s expected to play (in Game 6), which I’m happy about. You never want to play against a team not at their best. And also, just don’t play with those head injuries. They’re serious. I saw a lot of people laughing, but it’s a hit to the head. And one small hit to the head can change everything in your life, so I don’t really understand the joke. Every time you step out on the basketball court, the football field, out on the ice or the pitch, you’re risking your life because one injury can change everything. Not this World Cup, but the World Cup before, Neymar had an injury to his back that almost paralyzed him. And so, I don’t quite understand the laughing. Why is it so funny? The smallest hit to the wrong part of your head can change your life.”

Draymond Green is absolutely correct in this situation.

As for Anthony Davis, he avoided a concussion and did play in Game 6, scoring 17 points and grabbing 20 rebounds, helping the Lakers in a convincing series-clinching win over Green’s Warriors.

Photo: Harry How / Getty

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