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Source: Courtesy of Disney / Disney Upfront 2023 / Marvel Studios

Things are changing a bit with Marvel Studios’ strategy with its Disney+ content. 

Tuesday at the Disney Upfront, the company’s annual showcase where they make their pitches to advertisers and media buyers, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige helped by showcasing what the MCU is offering this year.

One big announcement Feige made was that all episodes of the Hawkeye spinoff, Echo, which follows the MCU’s deaf Native American superhero, will drop at once on Nov. 29.

This is a significant shift for the company, which releases episodes for its series week by week.

“In Hawkeye, fans were first introduced to Maya Lopez, a character played by Alaqua Cox. She will return to get her revenge in Echo, a limited drama from an incredible team of indigenous writers, directors, and cast members. And in a first for us, all episodes will drop on November 29,” Feige said during his presentation.

He then presented a trailer for the show that sees deaf actress Alaqua Cox reprise the role first introduced in Hawkeye as an antagonist before learning she was being used by Wilson Fisk, aka The Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio).

In the Hawkeye finale, she gets her revenge and shoots Fisk in the face for killing her father.

In the brief trailer, similar to the one shown at the D23 Expo, we see Fisk return with bandaging covering his eye, a call back to the comics. Lopez also reconnects with her past and showcases her impressive fighting abilities.

Kevin Feige Also Talked About Secret Invasion & Loki Season 2

Feige began his presentation by discussing the Samuel L. Jackson-led Disney+ MCU series Secret Invasion. He showed a clip of Jackson’s Nick Fury speaking with James Rhodes, aka War Machine (Don Cheadle), in a restaurant about the looming invasion of shapeshifting aliens called Skrulls.

The latest trailer for Secret Invasion followed the clip that Feige that D23 attendees already know about. The series will stick to the old formula, with its first episode on June 21.

To close out the MCU presentation, Feige teased Loki’s second season, which is the only Marvel Studios original series to have a second season.

In typical Marvel Studios fashion, the trailer is perfectly cut, giving us enough of an idea of what’s going on without revealing too much. Jonathan Majors makes a brief cameo in the trailer, and if you blink, you might miss him.

Loki Season 2 starts streaming Oct. 6.


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