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Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty

Baddies West star Rollie Pollie, real name Goldie Martin, is documenting her plastic surgery journey. The confident plus-size queen with an even bigger personality showed off the first round of results from her Double BBL at Goals Plastic Surgery. Rollie set social media on fire when she posted that she was moments away from going under the knife and even recorded herself on the table in a video that left critics up in arms.

In a clip on her Instagram page, Rollie describes her areas of concern as her “belly, my arms, and my back.” She went on to describe how taking semaglutide injections helped curve her appetite and she doesn’t crave as much sugary or greasy foods and increased her water intake. “Ever since I’ve been taking the shots, I noticed a change in my body.”

Rollie got her nickname on One Mo’ Chance, where she competed for former I Love New York star, Chance’s love on a wild reality TV rodeo. Despite her high self-esteem, Rollie revealed she was taking semaglutide injections to assist in her weight loss preparation to undergo flex sculpt surgery.

“@goalsplasticsurgery is getting ya girl right with the semaglutide injections about to drop this weight so I can go into my flex sculpt surgery I’m super excited stay tuned for my before and after pictures in a few weeks!” she wrote.

In another update, the boisterous beauty revealed she lost four pounds as she continued the semaglutide injections.

What is a Double BBL?

rollie pollie

Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty

Rollie underwent the flex sculpt and Double BBL procedure before our eyes, smiling and laughing as she narrated the surgery. She even gave fans a glimpse of her stomach as the fat was sucked away.

According to an official press release, “The FlexSculpt uses a specialized air-pressure system, that helps to gently pull away fat as opposed to traditional liposuction which requires a far more invasive scraping technique, in which fat is literally scraped from inside the body and vacuumed out.”

So what exactly is a Double BBL? According to the GoalsPlasticSurgery website, “Goals Double BBL® is one of our most popular procedures, which involves autologous fat transfer to the buttocks and the hips is paired with our signature FlexSculpt® technique which easily removes unwanted fat from specified areas. The aspirated fat is then proportionately transferred into the buttocks and hips to accentuate a fuller and rounder appearance catered to each patient’s individual body type. This process is considered a Double BBL® because the fat is transferred to the buttocks and hips whereas traditional BBLs transfer to the buttocks alone.”


Rollie’s surgery has garnered countless reactions and comments from fans and critics who expressed concern over Rollie’s BMI (body mass index) and if she is a safe candidate for surgery. Former Love & Hip Hop personality Masika, spawned a reply from Rollie when she wrote, “Wait… this ain’t safe of smart. Your bmi gotta be under a certain # to safely perform this and most cosmetic procedures. It’s supposed to be between 18-25. Girl don’t risk it boo! And what tf doctor would perform this procedure on her? SMH.” To which, Rollie responded:

Rollie addressed Masika and others who expressed concern in a social media post. “My back will be done in 2 months. My tummy tuck is in 6 and my arms are at the same time as my breast reduction.”

Rollie also underwent a chemical peel and is currently getting  chin lipo.

The Zeus Network

Of course, Zeus Network was on deck to capture Rollie’s transformation. The shared a clip of Rollie’s surgery, with the caption, “We love and applaud her transparency and bravery through the process!! Join us in wishing Rollie a healthy and happy transformation!! 🙏🏾 Who’s ready to tune into Rollie’s Show?! Drop those ⚡ in the comments.”

I am an unabashed fan of Zeus Network in all its ratchetry. I tune in every Sunday night and twice on Monday to watch nostalgic reality TV stars find new light or love on the subscription-based streaming service that boasts shows like Joseline’s Cabaret, One Mo’ Chance, Bobby I Love You, Purrr, The Real Blac Chyna and the Baddies franchise, which has spawned several spinoffs. Led by CEO and President Lemuel Plummer, Zeus has become a cultural engine that fuels binge-worthy watches, viral moments, memes, and notable quotables. It has also helped boost the careers of Chrisean Rock, Rollie, Orlando Brown and others.

If you too are a fan of the network, and are finishing up Baddies West in between watching the ramped-up cast of Bad Boys Houston, I’m sure you’ll be tuning in to see Rollie’s full journey.


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