Two men in Mississippi were arrested for allegedly attempting to cash fake scratch-off lottery tickets worth $100,000.

Puerto Rico is currently reeling after being hit with a 6.4 magnitude earthquake.

A Memphis Burger King employee is making national headlines after she almost fired back (literally) at a disgruntled customer. Oderrial Moore-Williams is accused of pulling a gun on a customer when the customer complained about her order in a bizarre back and forth. The victim told WREG she was in line at the drive-thru when she informed […]

Colin Kaepernick is speaking out about the U.S. drone strike that killed Iran general Qasem Soleimani.

While doorbell cameras have become the latest way that big brother has been able to monitor unsuspecting customers in their own home (keep thinking Alexa’s minding her own business), not many people thought they’d actually be used by authorities to as evidence in their investigations.

In the wake of news that a top-secret operation took out a top Iranian official, Iran has vowed to strike back at the United States which has sparked a World War III trending topic. While Iran’s threat should be taken seriously, many on Black Twitter have been cracking jokes in the face of impending doom. […]

Over the weekend a video uploaded to social media shocked viewers across the internet as they witnessed a full-grown man try to abduct a teenage girl on the subway train in New York City. Sitting across two sleeping passengers on the 6 train in the Bronx, the man identified at Sonny Alloway was filmed staring […]

A olice officer in Kansas resigned Monday (December 30) after admitting that a McDonald’s employee did not write the words “pig” on the receipt for his coffee.

A group of correctional officer trainees and other related individuals were officially fired after a photo surfaced of them performing a Nazi hand salute.

While the family of Botham Jean has managed some small steps towards justice after former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger took the 26-year-old’s life, a civil lawsuit that was launched won’t go forward.