Her bosom was a bit too out there for the airline attendants and she was made to cover up, which is kind of a shame.

New York Nico discusses why his partnership with Hudson Whiskey was important, what inspired his #MomNPopDrop hashtag for small businesses, how he responded to backlash from speaking up for the Black Lives Matter movement and more. 

The sultry Dreamville vocalist threw out a thirst trap right on time and Twitter is absolutely loving it.

Via social media, Mrs. Curry debuted a beautiful blonde hairstyle and Twitter is going up for her right now.

These Black celebrities and public figures have largely shown their allegiance to the former business mogul despite a minimal payoff.

Ashanti has always been a complete vibe. She is perhaps one of the most underrated artists out there. Not only has she written some of the top hits for artists like Jennifer Lopez, she was also the first female artist to occupy the top two positions on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart simultaneously.  Ashanti dominated […]