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Trina fights back, Drew Brees issues an apology. Lore'l has to call cap for Who's Cappin this morning on The Morning Hustle.

We're up to day 10 of unrest across the nation and the world after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis cops, and Kanye West has been quiet. But it turns out Yeezy has been cutting checks—he reportedly has donated $2M to the families of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, who are all victims of racist violence.

A look into the period that made Weezy's Best Rapper Alive claim ring true.

Trina may have thought her apology would ease the dragging that is taking place on Twitter, but as she quickly learned--it wasn't. On Thursday (June 4) Trina took to the airwaves to apologize after calling protestors "animals" before calling for a stricter curfew. On today's episode of the Trick and Trina Morning Show, the "Nann" rapper said that her comments were taken out of context before adding that her animal comment wasn't meant towards Black people. "I apologize for some of the comments I made yesterday when I was expressing how I felt about what was going on in my community here in Miami, Florida," Trina said. "I can see why people were offended by my comments and wasn't trying to discredit anyone's actions with police so I am truly sorry for that part; but when I was calling people animals, I was talking about looters, not people who were protesting peacefully. I am Black. Why would I call Black people animals when I'm Black? That would mean I am calling myself an animal."

Even though he is no longer in the White House, Barack Obama is still presidenting.


While we're sure Bovell will once again be ostracized by his fellow "brothers in blue," he's the kind of officer of the law that we ask for and hopefully his actions will inspire more in his line of work to do the same whenever they witness injustice.


Hopefully these men are convicted and put away for life as we know anyone can get arrested for murdering an innocent Black man, but actually holding them accountable is another story on it's own.

The world’s biggest movie theater chain, AMC Theatres, let its customers know things are looking grim by publicizing the “substantial doubt” it has that it can stay in business.

The service takes place after a week of global protests sparked by the Houston native's murder in South Minneapolis by police.