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2021 Year In Viral

Source: Radio One / J. Bachelor

So much happens during the course of a year, it gets hard recalling all the WTF moments that briefly held the world’s attention.

The bad part about living in our digital society is that anyone can become food for the internet – all it takes is a public fight, maybe a fall in the mall or posting the wrong outfit and suddenly you’ve been meme’d into oblivion. Where ever there is drama, there will be someone with their phone out, eagerly hoping to capture the next viral moment.

The good news: Wait a few days (or sometimes weeks, depending on the discretion) and it’ll be someone else’s turn. Sure, your moment will live forever on the web, but considering the modern attention span, the notoriety will eventually fade. Even better news, if you’re savvy enough it’s possible to turn your public pain into a pretty penny.

Celebs however, live in the public eye so their instances of infamy are harder to forget. Which is probably why famous faces make up most of this year’s messiest social media moments.

Check out the gallery below.

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1. Derrick Jaxn Exposed

The self-proclaimed “Love Guru” took a huge hit to his internet clout after it was discovered that he was entertaining multiple women while shelling out relationship advice as a married man. It’s been months and his rep has yet to recover.

2. Stevie J & Faith’s Bad Romance

Yikes. Now who could have saw this toxicity coming? Yep, America’s Sweethearts, Stevie J and Faith Evans, are having trust issues. And surprisingly, it’s not Stevie J being accused of misbehaving in this video.

3. Da Baby Gets Cancelled

All he had to do was rap. That’s it. But instead, North Carolina rapper Da Baby decided to share a homophobic rant with the Rolling Loud audience. He doubled-down on his statements until too many shows got cancelled, which prompted him to acknowledge the error in his ways.

4. Joe Budden Fires His Friends

The Joe Budden Podcast is one of the most popular pods out there. Alongside friends and co-hosts Rory and Mal, Budden gave his thoughts on everything from Hip-Hop to the best place to eat in Houston. But Joe’s temper, amongst some money discrepancies, led to a fallout to his friends. His response? You’re fired.

5. Trump Banned From Twitter

Long overdue. Trump has been an agitator for years, but the January 6 attack on The Capitol was the last straw. Twitter politely blocked Trump from using their platform, and Facebook followed suit.

6. Kanye Looks Like He Was Kidnapped

After a memorable stop on the Drink Champs podcast, Kanye was visited by Rap-A-Lot boss J. Prince. Ye, who’d taken shots at Drake while on the pod, promptly apologized in a bizarre video that made him look like a hostage.

7. Kelly Price Goes Fake Missing

We’re just glad she’s okay. After being reported missing by her family, Kelly Price popped back up. The singer said she was never missing, but she did die for a little bit.. so yeah.

8. The LOX Vs Dipset

Two of New York’s top groups hit the Verzuz stage for what should’ve been a face-off amongst the greats. What ended up happening was The Lox quickly demolished The Dips, making it one of the most memorable Verzuz battles ever.

9. Omarion Made The Whole World Dance

The video is old, but the internet has a knack for breathing new life into even the most obscure of media clips. Omarion’s confusing dance eventually became the challenge that (briefly) ruled the world.

10. Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp Shut Down

What a day. No IG. No Facebook. No WhatsApp, if that’s your thing. The shutdown forced us all to live in the real world for a while. The horror.

11. K. Michelle Gets A New Face

New face, who dis? K. Michelle went under the knife and literally came back a new woman. Some didn’t believe it was her, but that only serves as a testament to the power of plastic surgery.

12. Lil Baby And Saweetie Dating Rumors (with A Special Word From Quavo)

Rumors come and rumors go, but the talk about Saweetie possibly dating Lil Baby made even Quavo (Saweetie’s ex) do a double-take. For his part, Lil Baby denied the rumors, calling it a desperate reach for clout.

13. Drake Trolls The World With HIs Album Cover

Seriously Drake? This is the album cover for the project we’ve waited this long for? Maybe he was out of ideas, or maybe Drake knows that in our meme-happy world, this album cover would be king. And he was right.

14. Soulja Boy Claims To Own Atari, The Company Responds

Soulja’s made a lot of wild claims over the years, but declaring that he was the top dog at Atari was a bridge too far for the video game company. They quickly called him a liar and kept it movin’.

15. Lil Boosie Won’t Leave Lil Nas X Alone *Graphic Language*

There’s is a tale as old as time: Older man worked up in a frenzy over the antics of a fun-loving kid. Not sure why Boosie has taken an invested interest in Lil Nas’ life, but it’s become a Batman/Joker type relationship at this point.

16. Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder III

It’s Tyson Fury’s world, so try not to get punched. Deontay Wilder learned that lesson in October after being pummeled with the whole world watching. 

17. Nick Cannon Tries To Replenish Earth.. All By Himself

Nick is gonna keep makin’ babies until he’s arrested. Luckily he’s got the money to avoid such a fate, so until then, prepare for the Rise Of The Cannons.

18. ..And This Guy’s Terrible Self-Defense Videos

I know he means well, but if you’ve never seen his videos, be warned: Real life moves a lot faster, and one wrong defense technique could mean night-night.

19. ‘Squid Game’ Took Over The World

Netflix was fallin’ off for a second, but ‘Squid Game’ proved to be a mega-hit for the streaming service. It’s like the game show from hell, with lots and lots of cash for the winner. For the losers? Painful and sudden death. 

20. James Harden Got Thick

Harden’s gonna do what Harden’s gonna do. And earlier this year, Harden wanted to leave Houston and he wouldn’t stop eating until he got his walking papers. Well played.

21. Summer Walker Gives Her Baby Daddy Back to the Streets

Having a difficult baby mama is one thing, but what if she’s one of the most popular new singers in the game? Yeah, the pain is real here.. time to heal and step away from social media for a minute.

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